ROYA TV | Live Interview

November 2016

The songstress Nadine Zureikat was at Roya TV Donya Ya Donya segment with the esteemed presenter Mais where she talked about her latest Music, news and updates. She also played exclusively her brand new single " Free Falling" on air with her sister Sabine Zureikat! 

Watch the full interview  here!



OUT NOW | Save Me

November 2016

The Strange Algorithm Series (TSAS) Ft. Nadine Zureikat - Save me is out now on all digital outlets under FireSpace Recordings! In the first week only, the track broke the Top 5 in Dj Club Portugal and got featured on many blogs and magazines from across the globe including Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and The Netherlands!

Get your legal copy here!

Watch the lyric video here! 


TOP 9 | Aint No love On Traxsource

May 2016

Great Start into the week! Pc-Pat & Claud Santo Feat. Nadine Zureikat - Drop your Armor Ep Album on DOIN' WORK Records broke the Charts at #9 in the Traxsource Jackin Essentials & #23 in the Soulful Essentials!

Grab Your Legal Copy Here!


OUT NOW | Drop Your Armor EP

May 2016

Now On DOIN' WORK Records a brand new release with Pc-Pat & Claud Santo Feat. Nadine Zureikat - Drop Your Armor EP !
The EP is out on Traxsource exclusively through the first week of May, and the subsequently on all digital shops!

Grab Your Legal Copy Here!


LAYALI AMMAN | Celebrity News

April 2016

The songstress Nadine Zureikat was featured on Layali Amman's Celebrity News Sector where it covered her latest music releases including her cover song " Writings on the wall," along with her brand new upcoming progressive house track with the Portuguese producer TSAS under the name "Save Me." 


RUQAIYA | #1 Arabic Mag in USA

March 2016

Ruqaiya Magazine, the number 1 Arabic magazine in Canada & the United states features the songstress Nadine Zureikat and the esteemed reporter Sultan Abut Tair on the cover of March issue, which is now in stores.

Durning her interview with the magazine, Nadine talked about her latest collaboration with the reporter Sultan Abu Tair on his brand new book " Ambassadors of hope," that talks about the survivals of cancer. n addition, this issue covers her latest music collaboration with producers from around the world.


LAWLAKI | Effective Women Society

November 2015

Jordan ( November, 2015 )  - Lawlaki esteemed firm has chosen Nadine as a lead example of the Effective Women in the Jordanian society. The firm also chose Nadine as a strong voice in their latest campaign "Violence Against Woman,"  which it  is a multi-year effort aimed at preventing and eliminating violence against women and girls around the world. 


Nadine Zureikat on Alhurra TV

ALHURRA TV | Live Interview

October 2015

Lebanon ( October 10, 2015 )  - the Today show hosted by the great presenter Mouna  interviewed  Nadine Live on Alhurra Tv. During the interview, the songstress revealed her upcoming western track with an oriental flair " Badiya" and other exciting news about upcoming collaborations with music producers from around the globe!

Alhurra TV is a United Stated based Arabic language satellite TV channel that broadcasts to audience in the Middle East and North Africa.

To learn more about the esteemed channel check the official website here!


Nadine Zureikat

SAYIDATY | Best Selling Magazine

October 2015

Lebanon ( October 9, 2015 ) Sayidaty  reporters sat down with Nadine Zureikat to cover her on Sayidaty upcoming issue!

With a dedication to journalistic perfection, lustrous photography and brilliant storytelling, Sayidaty is the first choice — often the only choice — for the Middle East’s most influential audience.

Nadine`s interview and feature can be found on the upcoming weekly Arabic magazine and English women`s magazine published in both Dubai and Beirut and distributed throughout the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and America.

Check the magazine online!



OSN | Live on Ouyoun Beirut TV Show

October 2015

Lebanon ( October 8, 2015 ) one of the most watched shows in the middle east "Ouyoun Beirut" aired on OSN presented Nadine. Hosted by Rita Harb, the show focuses on Nadine`s career as a singer/songwriter, rise to fame and music including her biggest hit yet " Sweet Escape" that broke into the top 100 Beatport chart list and ranked at #2 best selling album in Switzerland. 

In the intimate and fun sit down interview, Nadine reveals some exciting news about her upcoming tracks and collaboration with one of the biggest Djs in the EDM scene.

Stay up to date with Ouyon Beirut Show on OSN here!


J Production | LBC & Rotana Coverage

October 2015

During the launching of Jey Production with the presence of VVIP characters of Lebanon covered by regional & local media. It was a huge success where Nadine was invited to attend this big event and got welcomed & interviewed by LBC & Rotana.

To  learn more about Jey Production owned by the influencer, artist manager and producer Elma Jarrouche , check the links below!

Jey Production Official Website

Inn Lebanon Magazine

Layalina Magazine

Amar Beirut E Magazine

Cheri3elfan E Magazine



BADIYA TRACK | Worldwide Release

September 2015

Worldwide release for the upcoming track with oriental flair Kern & Meier feat.  Nadine Zureikat - Badiya including a Luc Rey progressive house remix on Boojum Music soon! 

Badiya "بادية" is an arabic word used to describe a barren area of land with little rainfall but not enough to be characterized as the desert. It is motionless and soundless with moments of clarity, a land of extreme painted by a seemingly simple sunrise. A place where you are your own source.

Photo credits goes to the talented photoghrapher Omar khayami

Listen to the preview and its remix Here!


ROYA TV | Exclusive Interview

August 2015

Nadine Zureikat was hosted on one of the most watched Roya`s TV Shows "Donya Ya Donya" Segment. The show covered Nadine`s latest music and upcoming collaborations along side airing her latest Official Music Video " Sweet Escape - Kern & Meier Ft. Nadine Zureikat."



NEW RELEASE | Black Skies Track

July 2015

Nadine Zureikat and Exoda are thrilled to announce the Worldwide release of their latest progressive house track "Black Skies " under The record label all the way from Canada Omerta Records ! You can grab your legal copies on Beatport, Juno, Rdio, Spotify, Dj Shop, I-Tunes, Amazon, Track it down and Many more! 


JAMMERZINE | Chicago Based Radio

July 2015

Exclusive Interview with the esteemed Chicago based Radio "Jammerstream one Radio with the one and only Ryan Martin along with adding " Sweet Escape Track" to the daily dose Feature.

"Nadine is an artist from Jordan with a rare sense of style and finesse it takes to make an original mark on the global market and will definitely be someone that you will become familiar with in the coming months." - Ryan Martin

If you missed the show, you can listen below to the recorded interview Here!


BLISS FM | Rise and Shine Show

July 2015

Bliss Fm one of the best radio stations in town hosted Nadine on the Rise and Shine Segment with the esteemed presenter Ban to talk about her career as an Architect and a Songstress beside her latest achievements with the release of the Original Mix Kern & Meier Feat. Nadine Zureikat- Sweet Escape!

If you missed the show, you can listen below to the recorded interview!



INTERVIEW | Nas w Nas Magazine

June 2015

Nas w Nas Magazine sat down with Nadine to talk about her latest achievements with the release of her Original Mix Kern & Meier Feat. Nadine Zureikat - Sweet Escape Track and its many remixes. 

In this interview, Nadine covers how she found her way between Architecture and Music, talks about the Oscar entry film she participated in and how her very first EDM release mix broke into the Top 100 BeatPort Releases Chart list!

Interview by the esteemed reporter Sultan Au Tair.

You can Read the interview Here.


VIVMAG | Celebrity Section

May 2015

VIVMAG sat down with the Jordanian Singer- Songwriter to talk of her Sweet Escape and about seeking universality in a world where everyone clings onto prejudiced stereotypes. 

Interview by the great reporter Sultan Abu Tair.

You can Read the Full Interview Here.


LET GO | Upcoming Photoshoot

May 2015

Photoshoot Session with my Esteemed Talented Photographer Omayami for my upcoming Single "LetGo ! Here is a Sneak Peak of the Soon to be released Track and Behind the Scenes! 

Watch the Making of Video Here!



AUTOGRAPHS | local & International

May 2015

Personal Smooched & Signed Autograph sent all the way to Netherlands to the Dutch Guy! Another Autograph is sent out to one of Nadine`s favorite Reporters Sultan Abu Tair. 

"Thank you to your incomparable support to my world of Music!"- Nadine Zureikat


SHAZAM | Sweet Escape Original Mix

May 2015

Sweet Escape is on SHAZAM NOW!  Kern & Meier Feat. Nadine Zureikat latest release and its many remixes are added to Shazam`s catalogue!

You can check the Track on Shazam by clicking Here. 


USA RADIOS | Airplaying Sweet Escape

May 2015

Sweet Escape is now air playing in two different states in United States!
Kern & Meier Feat. Nadine Zureikat track is added to Sky Cast Radio Playlist! It will be featured on Sky Urban Beats show hosted by Wordsmyth! 

Sweet Escape track was also added to Wisconsin`s Indie Art Radio Playlist which was voted Best Station from Streema over thousands of other stations!

you can Listen on the radio page Here.


PLAY 99.6 | Original Mix on Auto-rotation

April 2015

NOW Exclusively in Jordan on Play 99.6 You can listen to my song Sweet Escape - Kern & Meier Feat. Nadine Zureikat many times Daily! Sweet escape track and its remix by Reat Kay & AudioTrip is airplaying around 400 times per week!

If you live outside Jordan , you can tune in to Play 99.6 Here!


RDIO | #2 Best Selling Album

March 2015

On RDIO , Sweet Escape hit #2 Best Album Charts in Switzerland and #8 in France! - Kern & Meier Feat. Nadine Zureikat Sweet Escape track and its many remixes under TronTronic Entertainment Switzerland.


TOP 100 | Sweet Escape on Beatport

March 2015

Kern & Meier feat. Nadine Zureikat has broken into the TOP 100 on Beatport Releases!!
#33 Trance Releases
#45 Progressive House Releases
#70 House Releases

Make sure to grab your legal copy Here.


NEW SIGNING | Andy Prinz Publishing

March 2015

Andy Prinz Publishing News Announcement | Signing new Track with an Artist from the Arab Region "Sweet Escape - Kern & Meier Feat. Nadine Zureikat."

Andy Prinz Publishing is a music publishing company based in Switzerland. It was founded by Swiss composer and producer Andy Prinz in 1999. The growing catalogue of over 800 songs includes compositions by the likes of Aly & Fila, Bjorn Akesson, Dave Emanuel and many others.

To Learn more about Andy Prinz Publishing Click Here.



March 2015

Digital Ear Buds Issue 17 _ Songstress Nadine Zureikat opens this issue with  a Middle Eastern flair followed by mid-west. The best blog sources for Music covers  a particular mix that was done in collaboration with Marcus Kern & Charly Meier (Schillerschule) beside Nadine`s latest achievements. 

To Read the Full Interview Click Here.


INTERVIEW | UK Based Magazine

March 2015

Exclusive Interview with the UK based Magazine Jabberdi . 

The 24 year old Nadine Zureikat who is full of Eastern Promise and lots of " Just Do It Attitude." 

To Read the Full Interview Click Here.


FEATURE | Artiste from Austin Texas

March 2015

New Feature | March 2015 on the Front Page of MusicArtiste all the way from Houston, Texas! 

To Read the Full Interview Click Here.



OUT NOW | Sweet Escape EP Released


March 2015

Out Now! Worldwide EP Release of Kern & Meier Ft. Nadine Zureikat - Sweet Escape under Trontronic Entertainment including remixes from Shannon McDowell (USA), Lawrence Wright (UK) and AudioTrip and Reat Kay (UK & Switzerland.) 

Published by Andy Prinz Publishing/Ultra International Music Publishing/Cloud 9 Dance Music Publishing and Co.

Grab your legal copies and stream on Spotify from the link below!

Sweet Escape - Kern & Meier Ft. Nadine Zureikat (EP)





SWEET ESCAPE| Official Music Video

February 2015

Germany - Nadine Zureikat and Kern & Meier are thrilled to announce the worldwide EP release of their latest track Sweet Escape available everywhere on 23.03.2015

The Euro-Dance Track "Sweet Escape," written by the emerging Artist Nadine Zureikat includes remixes from Shannon McDowell (USA) , Lawrence Wright (UK) and AudioTrip & Reat Kay ( UK & Switzerland.)

The official music video of " Sweet Escape - Kern & Meier Feat. Nadine Zureikat ( Reat Kay vs AudioTrip remix) " will be out soon!



February 2015

Digital Ear Buds Issue 17 , one of the Best Blog sources for Music feature artists that are "fan oriented." They understand the changing landscape of music and that many listeners want to connect with artists through their live performances or social media.  Nadine Zureikat opens this issue with a Middle Eastern flair followed by mid-west. 

To read Nadine`s Full  Issue Click Here.


EDM EP MIX | Worldwide Release

February 2015

Stay Tuned for an Upcoming Worldwide EP release on  23/3/2015 for the latest EDM track Kern & Meier feat. Nadine Zureikat - Sweet Escape including remixes from Shannon McDowell (USA), Lawrence Wright (UK) and AudioTrip & Reat Kay (UK & Switzerland.) The track will be available on Beatport, Juno, Rdio, Spotify, DJ Shop, I-Tunes, Amazon, Trackitdown and many more!


INTERVIEW | #1 Magazine in the East

February 2015

Zahrat Al Khaleej is the #1 Women`s lifestyle magazine in the Arab World. Published Weekly, more than 150,000 copies across the GCC and more than 50,000 across the rest of the MENA region.

In an Exclusive Interview with Nadine Zureikat during her visit to Germany to record at one of its top studios with the Great Producers Kern & Meier, Nadine revealed insights about her latest release with the Swiss Record Label Trontronic Entertainment!

To read the full interview Click Here!



MUSIC VIDEO | Exclusive on Roya TV

August 2014

Nadine released a new Music Video that was aired Exclusively on Roya TV along with an interview about her career as a singer/songwriter. The aim of the Video was to remind the viewers of the difficult situation the people of Gaza are facing. Moreover, Nadine launched a fundraising in aid of MAP and Gaza Emergency Appeal to help save lives. With your Donations, we can give so others can live.

To watch the Full Interview Click

To DONATE please click Here.



LATEST SONG | Live on Beat Fm

August 2014

You can tune in to Beat Fm 102.5 at 9:00 am on the "Celebrity of the Week" Segment to know more about Nadine`s latest Updates and listen to her new Song Live on Air!



SWEET ESCAPE | Euro-Dance Track 

February 2015

The New Euro-Dance Track " Sweet Escape - Kern & Meier Ft. Nadine Zureikat," is available on Soundcloud now! It will soon be released under the Record Label all the way from Switzerland Trontronic Entertainment! You can check the Track Here!




EDM MIX | Kern & Meier ft. Nadine 

January 2015

We are very excited to announce that the Electro House Track " Turn the Beat up" will be soon released with the Great Producers all the way from Germany Record Label " Kern & Meier."  Stay Tuned!




July 2014

The New Cover - Video of John Legend - All of me in collaboration for the first time with Empty Chair Band! If you enjoy listening to the cover, you can get it for Free from Sound Cloud.

Download the track  Here!



ROYA TV | Nadine`s appearance 

April 2014

During the 5th Episode of Jordan Star, the audience voted for Nadine as the best Voice among the audience. She then made an appearance that included an Interview and a Live performance.

To watch the segment online click Here !

If you want to read the news coverage to this appearance click Here!





February 2014

Stay Tuned to JBC 88.7 Radio Station on the 16th of April between 11:00 and 12:00 am to listen to Nadine`s Interview Live on " Sukkar Banat" Segement. 

If you missed the interview, you can listen to it Here!


AIRPLAY | Holy Freedom In Canada

April 2014

Reverbnation, the home to over 3.48 Million members added Nadine`s Single "Holy Freedom" to Canada`s Whats Up Radio Station ! The show plays every Saturday at Noon EST so tune in to listen to Nadine`s track Live !




May 2014

Nadine is featured in the US based Magazine " Muzic Notez" that contains thousands of indie fans, musicians and industry reps.

You can check the Digital Feature in advance Here!



April 2014

You can now check Nadine`s Interview on " Celebrity of the Week " Segment Online by clicking on the Play Butting below!


Latest Release on Air | Beat FM

April 2014

Check in to hear a local talent as part of our Celebrity of the Week Segment. Nadine Zureikat is in our Studios starting 9 AM !

If you are away from our broadcast area or just cant get a strong signal , Listen on your smart phone, computer, or other internet connected device by clicking Here!


BEAT FM | Celebrity of the Week

April 2014

Stay tuned to Beat FM 102.5 on the 27th of February between 9:00 and 10:00 am to listen to Nadine's Interview Live along with her latest Song on the " Celebrity of the Week " Segment.


PHOTOSHOOT | Holy Freedom

March 2014

Stay tuned to Nadine`s latest photo-shoot for her Original Track "Holy Freedom" by the Great Fawda Team ! 



NADINE TRACKS | Air playing In NYC

November 2013

New York Radio Station is now air-playing Nadine`s latest Song " Holy Freedom," 7 Times a Week!

If you live outside NYC , you can tune in to Adio Realm Site and search for " Relax Free Radio" to listen LIVE!

Tune in!


INTERVIEW | December Issue

December 2013

Nadine has a special feature in People and People Magazine -December Issue

To read the Interview Click Here!




December 2013

The Rising Star Nadine Zureikat is interviewed in People & People magazine to talk about her distinctive music, stay tuned for more about Nadine in the Next Issue!




November 2013

If you are a fan of Drama/Inspirational movies, tune in to Roya TV this friday to check out the segment of "Falamanji" with Nadine. In this segment , Nadine talks about her favorite movie of all time "Men of honor." During the interview, the host confronts Nadine with the " 12 Steps Challenge!"

Watch the Interview Here!


PERFORMANCE | Fund-Raising 

November 2013

Nadine had a great time performing at " Basmitak 7at3alem" Fund raising Event. The campaign`s vision is to help families in need , giving them hope and confidence to persevere.

To find out how you can support this campaign Click here to view.


INTERVIEW | Sharkiyat Magazine

October 2013

Nadine has a special feature in September`s Sharkiyat Magazine Issu by the esteemed Reporter Sultan Abu Tair.

To read the Full Interview in Arabic Click Here.

To read the Full Interview in English Click Here.



MODELLING | Fashion Show Event 

July 2011

This is the " GJU Recycle Fashion Show " Event. Dress is designed by the great designer Kawthar Al-Sharif. Nadine took part in this show as she supports this notion, quote " We should give Green a Chance."

 To watch the Making of Click Here.

To watch Nadine`s Interview Click Here.



AS SEEN ON  T.V | Hip-Hop Crew

May 2011

Dance Performance in " As Seen On T.V" Tempo 5th Annual Dance Academy Event at the king Hussein Park.



TALENT SHOW | Original Performance 

April 2011

The New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) held its annual Talent show at the Graduate Campus where Nadine performed her latest song " Broken Song," beside covering songs from great Artists. Around 600 people attended the show with a judges panel to evaluate each performance.


SOUNDCLOUD | Latest Tracks

April 2011

You can now check Nadine`s Sounds on Sound Cloud by clicking Here.