Hailing from the landscapes of Amman in Jordan, EDM/House recording artist & singer-songwriter, NADIN (also known as Nadine Zureikat), began hitting the ground running in the music realm over a decade ago when the music scene took notice of her multi-genre-oriented voice and innovative, dynamic mix of EDM, Uplifting Trance, and Progressive & Classic House; which manifested NADIN into a multifaceted artist with her own signature sound and stylization. NADIN didn’t just come out the gate, she flew out; quickly garnering acclaim with many of her mixes and song releases. 


Architect by trade, singer-songwriter by passion - NADIN’s music is as carefully constructed and reliably sound as her building designs. Which is a key word and cornerstone to both collective careers - building. Her voice moves seamlessly across genres, and her musical chemistry creates a space for a genuine connection between performer and audience. Her superpower is building an aura and atmosphere for listeners to see what she has seen, and hear what she has heard - putting the crowd’s perspective right into the eyes of the artist. NADIN is passionate about living in the now, and embodies the principle of “what you believe, you can achieve”.


ORIGINS: NADIN, who has spent over a decade gaining hands-on experience in the music world, performed her first original piano composition at the tender age of 10. As she began manifesting her niche, she embraced her artistic merit and found herself specializing in acoustic/folk/soft pop and EDM. Her music is characterized by flawless precision; the self-taught songwriter uses her keen architectural eye for detail to build the harmony, rhythm, structure and conceptual birth of each track.


RADIO SUCCESS: NADIN’s first air-time came from a prominent New York Radio Station, which played her song “Holy Freedom” on rotation. The charming musician has been interviewed by international magazines as far flung as London, Texas and Chicago. Her songs have also blasted through radio waves in Jordan, Canada, and several US states.


NADIN’s debut EP “Sweet Escape,” which was collectively written and composed by the 25 year-old artist and produced by Kern & Meier, was released worldwide on all digital platforms in 2015. Remixes of the track by Audiotrip & Reat Kay, Lawrence Wright, and Shannon McDowell have rocketed through charts globally. The widely received EDM track and its slew of popular remixes also broke into the Top 100 on Beatport Releases (#33), Trance Releases (#45), and House Releases (#70). On RDIO it landed at #2 Best Album Charts in Switzerland and #8 in France. NADIN’s follow-up EP "Drop Your Armor" with PC-Pat & Claud Santo was featured on "Track It Down" essential releases where it climbed into the Top 20 Chart list at (#9) in the Jackin House Charts and the Top 100 in Traxsource Soulful House.


Not long after, NADIN released her track “Save Me” with The Strange Algorithm Series (TSAS) on FireSpace Recordings. The track broke the Top 5 in DJ Club Portugal in the first week, and got featured on many blogs and magazines from across the globe including Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and The Netherlands. 


NEW MUSIC: Most recently, NADIN released her brand new track “Chills” with Ahmed Helmy, accompanied with a remix by Hazem Beltagui. The track was featured as “Track Of The Week” on Suanda Radio. The song also garnered the support from some of the biggest DJs in the Trance music scene and was played on an assortment of radio shows including DJ FEEL from Germany, DJ Photographer from Ukraine, OzzyXPM from Turkey, Roger Shah From Germany, Roman Messer from Russia, Ruslan Radriges (also) from Russia. “Chills” is also on rotation on the local radio station 99.5 in Jordan. 


PROSPECTS: This ambitious performer is poised to conquer the musical world through hard work, authenticity and passion. When NADIN is not writing and composing her next big hit, she can be found dancing through the soulful garden of creativity. Her music is a rallying call of inspiration and motivation to those adventurous souls seeking to experience their aliveness in the creation of the moment.

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